Student Language Profile

Student Language Profile

I work with the English department and students to create a student language profile for each student in the Diploma Programme.

The aim of the profile is to give all teachers an overview of the students` language level and history, as well as build up a picture of the students` use of English and other language outside of school.

The profile focuses on:

  • Year and grade of entering Tamagawa:
  • Year and grade of entering the IB (if different to above):
  • English phase when starting Tamagawa IB:
  • English phase at the end of year 10:
  • CEFR at the end of year 10
  • Final MYP IB and Tamagawa English class and grade:
  • DP language classes and level.
  • Year 10 final Cambridge English Exam
  • External English Language tests and results–type of test, level achieved, year taken.
  • Time spent abroad:
  • Previous education in the English language, overseas or in Japan:
  • Parents/guardians non-Japanese language proficiencies–include language spoken to each parent not including Japanese language.
  • Other languages studied apart from English or Japanese.
  • Language or learning concerns / issues in Japanese.
  • Other personal connections to foreign countries and/or languages.

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