Student Concern Log

Student Concern Log

As Coordinator, it is important to be kept up to date with any concerns the supervisors have with their student(s). I go through this form with the supervisors at the start of the process and it is filled out by them when they have any worries about their student`s progress. 

The completed form can be used to initiate a meeting between the supervisor and Coordinator and the student and, if necessary, their parents. This meeting can be used to put support into action and to set students targets.

It is vital that the supervisors keep the Coordinator well informed regarding any concerns, as student issues need to be sorted out well before the final deadlines set by the school and the International Baccalaureate.

This concern log covers:

  • The area(s) of concern.
  • The support already given by the supervisor.
  • A record of the initial concern meeting– the strategies put into place and targets set.
  • A report on the student`s progress against the targets.
  • A follow up meeting–further action needed.

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