The following documents have been created for my role of overseeing the prefect system in my school: a prefect proposal and a prefect application form.

The prefect proposal gives a comprehensive overview of the benefits of having student prefects, as well as an explanation of how to set up and sustain the initiative. The document includes the following:

  • A mission
  • A vision.
  • Links to the IB’s Standards and Practices.
  • Strategy.
  • Execution.

The Prefect Application Form gives an overview of the responsibilites for each position, as well as general responsibilities for the prefects. Students are asked to choosle 3 postions, ranking them from 1-3 on the handout. The prefect positions are linked to both the MYP and DP, as well as school specific ones. You can edit to meet the needs of your school. Here are the positions on the application form:

  • IB Assemblies Prefects.
  • International Mindedness Prefects.
  • CAS Board Prefects.
  • Service Board Prefects.
  • Learner Profile Board Prefects.
  • Technology Prefects.
  • Model United Nations Prefects.
  • Round Square Prefects.
  • Super Science High School Prefects.

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