Appendix 2: Lesson Observation Overview.

This Lesson Observation document can be used in conjunction with the Staff Appraisal Overview or on its own as part of a separate lesson observation process.

The lesson observation booklet contains the following:

  • Overview: including the aims and the process before, during the observation and after the observation.
  • Lesson planner: including aims; objectives; links with previous and future lessons; resources; additional information on students; links to the DP yearly focus, approaches to teaching and learning, personal goals, the learner profile, international mindedness, CAS and TOK; the lesson outline and homework.
  • DP Coordinator comments on the lesson.
  • Teacher personal reflection on the lesson.
  • DP Coordinator – teacher lesson reflection meeting topics.
  • Mutually agreed targets based on the lesson observation.
  • Approaches to Teaching observation focus indicators.
  • Approaches to Learning observations focus indicators.
  • IBO Standard and practice linked to the yearly focus.

Further information on this Lesson Observation document can be found here.

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